Texas Democratic Party 2022 Resume Bank


If you’re a Democratic candidate or campaign staffer currently hiring for a role, your campaign can request resumes here. We had conversations with former candidates, advisors, and political operatives who guided us to focus our efforts in helping campaigns find applicants for the following positions:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Field Director
  • Finance Director
  • Communications Director
  • Call Time Manager
  • Social Media Manager

To help us provide you with the best group of prospective staffers, please complete a separate request for each position you are hiring for. You will need to enter information about your campaign, like where the position is located and what office are you running for, what position you’re hiring for, and the experience level you’re looking for.

Once you submit this information, a member of our political team will reach out to you with the resumes of potential staffers who meet the criteria. If someone looks like they’d be a good fit for your campaign, please email them and let them know that you received their resume through the State Party’s resume bank and invite them to apply or interview for the role. Here is a sample introduction email you can use. If you interview someone and they don’t seem to be a good fit, we ask that you please send them a rejection email. You can find a sample email here.

The information we are sharing with you is meant to be used by your campaign only. Please do not share the resumes or contact information that we provide with others. If you come across a campaign or candidate who would like to request resumes from the resume bank, please direct them to the request form. Lastly, check out these support documents we’ve put together for campaigns to navigate the resume bank and hiring process. We also included information about additional job boards in case you are hiring for a different role than the ones listed above or are seeking additional applicants.