Texas Democrats and Democratic Nominee for House District 118 Frank Ramirez Celebrate Results of Tonight’s Election

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on Frank Ramirez’s success in Tuesday’s House District 118 election:

“Tonight, I am delighted to congratulate Frank Ramirez on winning the votes to advance to the runoff election for House District 118.

“As a lifelong San Antonian and longtime progressive advocate with legislative experience as a Legislative Director and Chief of Staff, Frank Ramirez will be a powerful voice for Texas’ second-largest city. I’m deeply grateful to him for stepping forward to continue fighting for San Antonio in the Texas Legislature, and I know his dedication, vision, and relentless hard work will help build a better future for people across Bexar County. I also thank Katie Farias and Desi Martinez for throwing their hats into the ring to give House District 118 a strong Democratic voice — and I thank every San Antonian who came out to vote for a Democrat in this election.

“San Antonio has long been not only a Democratic stronghold, but a leading voice in the fight for a better Texas. Today, as Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans continue to attack Texans from all sides, that leadership matters more than ever. Texas Democrats across H.D. 118 mobilized to send Frank Ramirez to the runoff, and now, we will continue to rally San Antonians to make sure this seat stays blue. While Frank has proven himself as a committed voice for working people across San Antonio, our opponent John Lujan has consistently shown that he will toe the party line of the Texas GOP — even as Texas Republicans throw San Antonio in harm’s way. We cannot afford another state rep who will be complicit in Greg Abbott’s attacks. From now until the runoff election, we will be fighting every day to secure another win for Frank, and send another strong Democrat to the Texas House.”

Democratic Nominee for House District 118 Frank Ramirez issued the following statement:

“From the beginning, this has been a grassroots, people-powered campaign. The community has spoken and I am proud to be the Democratic nominee in the race for Texas House District 118. I want to congratulate my Democratic opponents for a well-fought race. It is now time for us to unite and make sure that we secure this seat for Texas Democrats and ensure that our community is well represented in the Texas House of Representatives.”

Democratic H.D. 118 Nominee Frank Ramirez bio:

Frank Ramirez was born and raised in Texas House District 118, a product of the Harlandale Independent School District, where he attended Gillette Elementary, Kingsborough Middle, and McCollum High Schools. He then earned a degree in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. Frank went on to work two legislative sessions of the Texas House of Representatives, serving as a Legislative Director before being promoted to Chief of Staff for District 118. Most recently, he served as Zoning and Planning Director for the City of San Antonio, District 7.