Texas Democrats Announce New Candidate Training Series in Partnership With National Democratic Training Committee

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, Texas Democrats are launching a new candidate training series in partnership with the National Democratic Training Committee — another key step towards building power by investing in candidates up and down the ballot.

The four-week training series will run throughout August, and is open to a broad swath of Democrats considering running for office in Texas: those running in the November 2021 municipal elections, those running in 2022, and those exploring whether they should run. The training series aims to provide candidates with the resources to execute successful campaigns, and will cover the foundations of any strong run for office — including raising money, rallying volunteers, and getting a candidate’s message out.

From leading a full court press to register voters through Project Texas, to fighting for national action to defend the right to vote, Texas Democrats are moving full speed ahead in the fight for 2022. By investing in candidates and campaigns this summer, Texas Democrats are laying the groundwork for progress early, and mobilizing Texas communities to take back our state.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“I’m delighted to announce our new candidate training series, and I’m grateful to the National Democratic Training Committee for their partnership on this important program. This collaboration is a testament to the turning tide in Texas. Our state is moving closer and closer to turning blue with every year, and with this investment in training candidates and running competitive campaigns, we’re continuing to take the fight to Texas Republicans.

“There’s so much at stake in Texas’ upcoming elections — from fighting for leaders who put our health and safety first, to defending the right of every Texas voter to make their voice heard. Democrats are investing early and organizing in every community in Texas to bring our state the strong Democratic leadership Texans deserve.”