Texas Democrats Are Going All In To Defend House District 118, Elect Another Strong Democrat for San Antonio

AUSTIN, Texas — With the special election for Texas House District 118 coming up in less than a week, Texas Democrats are going all in to elect another strong Democrat to represent San Antonio in the Texas House.

For nearly nine months, Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have been waging an all-out war on working Texans, through an onslaught of harmful bills in the Texas legislature. Democratic lawmakers have been tirelessly fighting back, including through a powerful Democratic arm in the Texas House thanks to electoral gains made over the last few years — and San Antonio Democrats have been key voices in the fight. Now, three strong San Antonio Democrats have put their names forward to represent this important city in our state Capitol. Katie Farias, Desi Martinez, and Frank Ramirez are all dedicated voices for San Antonio, with powerful track records of working for a better future for people across the city.

With the opportunity to send another strong progressive voice to the Texas legislature, Democrats are not taking any chances on the House District 118 election. Texas Democrats are leading a volunteer mobilization blitz to get out the vote in San Antonio, including through a week-long series of phonebanks across the city. High-profile Democratic leaders are lending their voices to the fight, with Congressman Joaquin Castro mobilizing Texans to ensure San Antonio remains a powerful Democratic stronghold.

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Hannah Roe Beck issued the following statement:

“I’m incredibly proud of my hometown San Antonio, which has long been an important Democratic stronghold within Texas. Now, with a critical election under way in House District 118, we are not taking any chances — and going all out to make sure this seat remains Democratic. That’s why Texas Democrats are leading a massive blitz of volunteer events to mobilize San Antonians and get out the vote during early voting this week and in the leadup to Election Day next Tuesday. I’m calling on every San Antonio Democrat in this district to go vote for one of our three fantastic Democratic candidates, and make their voice heard for the future of our city and our state.

“All year long, we’ve seen just how critical it is to have strong Democrats fighting for Texans in the Texas legislature. Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have shown us in a hundred different ways that they don’t care about Texans, they don’t care about our families, and they don’t care about the future of our state. We need leaders who fight for our families and put people first — not failed, self-serving representatives who only care about holding onto their jobs, even at the cost of Texans’ rights, safety, and future. We’re fighting tooth and nail to make sure that on Tuesday, we send another Democrat to our state Capitol to give San Antonians the voice they need and deserve.”