Texas Democrats Call Upon Republican Elected Officials to Put Politics Aside and Take A Firmly Anti-Death Stance in the Face of Public Health Crisis

AUSTIN, Texas — The expansive reach of COVID-19 in Texas has reached the level of a public health crisis.

In countless communities, beds in hospitals are full and emergency health systems are severely strained.

Schools in Texas are being overrun by COVID and children are being asked to quarantine after exposure. More children are being treated for COVID in Texas hospitals than ever before.

Governor Abbott’s executive order banning communities from taking precautions to prevent the spread of the Delta variant is standing firmly in the way of authorities who just want to do their jobs. Abbott is currently engaged in lawsuits against a countless number of counties over his executive order:

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement: 

“Communities are suffering. People are sick. Children are dying. This is unacceptable from every perspective. It is increasingly clear that Governor Abbott doesn’t give a damn about his constituents. He has chosen to let Texans get sick and die while he fights, in court, for a misguided executive order that is a slap in the face to common sense, science, and ironically — small government.

“While Governor Abbott touts arguments of personal responsibility, more Texans are getting sick every day because of his refusal to govern responsibly. And what makes this all the worse is that Governor Abbott’s sole motivation for his actions is garnering support from the far right-wing base of his party. Greg Abbott’s war on public health and local control must be stopped.

“We commend the local leaders who are stepping up, across the state and speaking with one voice to say they will not sit back idly while their communities are devastated by COVID-19. To our Republican state leaders and elected officials: you will be remembered for the choices you make in the next few weeks. Put politics aside. Denounce the Governor’s absurd executive order. Help or get out of the way. Let local leaders and public health authorities do their damn jobs to stop the spread of this virus.