Texas Democrats Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on National Voter Registration Day:

“Today and all throughout the week, Texas Democrats are celebrating National Voter Registration Day by taking action — and jumpstarting our push to help new voters across Texas make their voice heard.

“The best way to build a better Texas is by getting more Texans involved in shaping our shared future. That’s why Texas Democrats are hosting events in counties and communities across our state to get more people registered and ready to vote. This is about making sure every eligible Texan can own their power by casting their ballot.

“This year, our work to expand ballot box access is more urgent than ever. All year long, Republicans in Texas and beyond have led an all-out assault on our freedom to vote — from passing anti-voter laws to drawing discriminatory maps in the current redistricting process. There is just one reason Texas Republicans are trying to silence our voices. Greg Abbott’s failing Republican government has made zero progress on behalf of working people, and they know that we will vote them out because of it — so they’re trying to cling to power the only way they can: by stopping us from voting.

“In the face of those attacks, one of the best ways we can fight back is by helping more Texans get access to the ballot box to make their voices heard. And with Project Texas — Democrats’ ambitious strategy to register up to 2 million new voters by the 2022 elections — that’s exactly what we’re working to do. The numbers show that of Texans who are eligible to vote but are not registered, nearly 2 million are likely to vote Democratic. More than half are Latino, one in five are Black, and one in four are 25 years old or younger. We want to register all of them, and we’re working with partners across the state to make it happen.

“Your vote is your power. Your vote is your voice. I encourage all Texans to help their friends and family get registered to vote at RegisterTexas.com — because change starts at the ballot box, with each one of us.”