Texas Democrats Celebrate Support From White House as Biden Calls For Passage of For the People Act

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democrats are welcoming further support from President Biden and Vice President Harris, who continue to be vocal advocates for voting rights across the country. As Texas Democrats fend off increasingly vicious attacks on voting rights, today, Vice President Harris met with the Texas quorum breakers to voice her support for the legislators. Earlier this afternoon, President Biden gave a national address calling for further protections for voting rights — and revived calls for Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Yesterday, Texas Democratic lawmakers made history by leaving the state in order to block Republicans’ latest attacks on voting rights. After Democrats blocked an earlier Republican attack this spring, failed and flailing Gov. Greg Abbott called legislators back to the Capitol for an irregular extra legislative session, with the specific goal of giving Republicans a second shot at passing the hateful anti-voter legislation.

Amid these escalating attacks, Texas Democrats have continued to stand our ground — bolstered by support from our nation’s highest office. Urging Congress to restore voting rights protections, President Biden quoted the late Congressman John Lewis, saying, “Freedom is not a state, it’s an act.” Vice President Harris thanked Texas Democratic lawmakers for their leadership, saying, “You acted in a way that is encouraging other people to take action. You are igniting something that is so important.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“I’m deeply grateful for the incredible leadership President Biden is showing through his urgent advocacy for voting rights. Texas Democrats are refusing to back down in the fight for voting rights, and our President and Vice President are stepping forward to fight just as hard alongside us. Now, we need every Democrat in Congress, and particularly the U.S. Senate, to rise to the occasion, fight for our communities, and do what has to be done to protect our right to vote. Our democracy is in jeopardy. Our future is on the line.

“Just as President Biden said today, we can’t afford to wait. Right now, Republicans in Texas and around the country are hellbent on slashing our voting rights — because they know that the only way they can cling to power is by stopping us from voting. These hateful GOP bills are a direct attack on Black and Brown Americans, working people, young voters, and voters with disabilities. Alongside a massive, powerful coalition of activists, our Texas Democratic lawmakers are fighting for our communities with everything they’ve got. We are waiting for Congress to do the same.”