Texas Democrats Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on Trans Day of Visibility:

“On Trans Day of Visibility — and every day — Texas Democrats celebrate trans people across Texas, who continue to shape our state for the better.

“Trans and nonbinary Americans are contributing in every industry, stewarding every community, and advocating on the forefront of every fight for justice. Today, we honor their achievements in every sector — from STEM, to arts and entertainment, to journalism, politics, and advocacy. Today is about celebration, representation, and justice — because trans rights are human rights.

“Thanks to trans and LGBTQIA leaders, we are making progress towards a safer, more equal country for everyone — no matter their gender identity. This year, President Biden presidentially recognized Trans Day of Visibility for the first time in our history — a long-overdue recognition that trans Americans are core to our country’s success. The credit for progress rests squarely on the shoulders of generations of trans activists, who have braved every kind of danger and pushed past hate and harm to live their truth. Every person in this country is better off because of the courage, resilience, and tenacity of trans organizers — those who laid the groundwork decades ago, and those who carry this fight today.

“We are up against a battle in the ongoing movement for trans rights in Texas. Trans Texans face disproportionate barriers in countless ways, including health inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. Now, Texas Republicans are cruelly attempting to stop trans kids from playing sports. No one should be attacked like this. Everyone should get the chance to live authentically, safely, and free from persecution. We will keep fighting alongside trans advocates and the trans community, and ultimately, we will win, because hate cannot win out against what is right.

“To trans Texans across our state: we see you. We celebrate you. We love you. Let’s keep fighting together to build the better Texas you deserve.”