Texas Democrats Condemn Hypocrisy of Texas GOP Chair, Call For Texas GOP To Finally Take Action Against Racism

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on extreme-right Texas GOP Chair Allen West’s hypocritical decision to only call out racism when convenient for Republicans:

“Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West continues to show massive hypocrisy. He ignored years of hate, racism, and violent rhetoric by Donald Trump and other prominent members of his party — which have led to a nearly 20% increase in hate crimes across the country over the past four years — and has consistently refused to take action to address the serious issues facing Black Texans. After years of looking the other way while the GOP fueled a rise in hate and racism across the country, West and Republicans are playing politics and wasting legislative oxygen on a mistake made by a Democratic county party chair — a mistake for which Chair O’Connor has profusely apologized and taken responsibility for, and which has sparked anti-racist self-examination, and serious commitment to doing better, by the Lamar County Democratic Party — something that has been markedly absent in West’s own party.

“Instead of worrying about a county chair and the mistake he made, Allen West should go about undoing the multitude of harmful GOP-sponsored bills and laws that hurt people of color and that perpetuate the hundreds of years of racism still gripping our state and country. Democrats continue to demonstrate real leadership by taking responsibility for our actions, working to fix mistakes, and constantly striving to build a more just, equitable society. By contrast, Allen West and the rest of the Republican Party have allowed racist systems to flourish on their watch and hypocritically call out racism only when politically convenient. Texans deserve better.”