Texas Democrats Condemn Passage This Week of House Bill 3979, A Republican Attempt To Stop Schools From Teaching History On Racism and Sexism

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Vice-Chair Dr. Carla Brailey issued the following statement after the passage Tuesday of House Bill 3979 (HB 3979) by Texas House Republicans:

“As an educator, a sociologist, a Black woman, and a mom, I’m infuriated by yet another Republican attack on our kids — this time, with a bill to whitewash education, censor teachers, and stop students from learning about the realities of our history. HB 3979 is a shameful bid to police classrooms and play political games at the expense of our kids’ learning about their history, and the way it shapes our society today.

“In our schools and beyond, we should be creating space for all our kids. And with racial injustice still gripping our country on so many levels, we should be helping kids understand the roots of our challenges so they are better equipped to meet them. Instead, this bill denies the lived realities of Black and Brown families, and women, girls, and non-binary Texans. By barring teachers from educating our kids on racism and sexism, Republicans are making schools less safe for a majority of Texas kids. This will harm all our students, who should be getting the education they need to contribute to our democracy and our society.

“I’m grateful to our Democratic champions in the Texas legislature, who have been outspoken in educating Texans on the harm this bill will do. Democrats will continue to oppose this harmful bill, and fight for the future of all Texas kids.”