Texas Democrats Condemn SCOTUS Decision To Leave Brazenly Unconstitutional Abortion Ban In Effect

AUSTIN, Texas — Late Wednesday night, news broke of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to block Texas Republicans’ brazenly unconstitutional abortion ban, S.B. 8 — leaving the law in place and holding millions of Texans hostage as we await further legal challenges.

Texas Democrats met the news with outrage but without surprise. S.B. 8 falls within a longstanding Republican tradition of putting forward extreme anti-abortion legislation with the goal of pushing the legislation all the way to the Supreme Court in the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade. The legislation also provides a new roadmap for states to gut federally protected rights by deputizing citizens to enforce harmful laws like this one. As such, Texas Republicans are not only effectively cutting millions off from their abortion rights in our country’s second-largest state — they are also pushing to slash those rights for people around the United States.

The Supreme Court’s decision not to block the legislation leaves the door open for further legal challenges, but presents a somber outlook for abortion rights if left in the hands of our nation’s highest court — where extreme-right Trump appointees now carry outsized weight. Abortion advocates and Texas Democrats are calling on Congress to step in and take immediate legislative action to protect abortion rights across our country.

Texas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Hannah Roe Beck issued the following statement:

“Texas Republicans are not only holding Texans’ most basic rights hostage — they’re also trying to roll back those rights for people across our country. With their decision to allow Abbott’s abortion ban to remain in effect, the extreme-right wing of the Supreme Court has reminded us that we can no longer rely on our nation’s highest court to uphold 50 years of precedent and protect our constitutional right to abortion care. This is a shameful decision stemming from a shameful law.

“This decision makes it clear: Roe can no longer remain a lightning rod for these attacks. We need national legislation, like the Women’s Health Protection Act, to protect abortion access for every American. That’s why Texas Democrats are calling on our federal lawmakers to step in — urgently. We need Congress to pass legislation defending Americans’ right to abortion, to make sure everyone in our country can access this care if they need it.

“Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a human right. And at this moment, those rights are under attack like never before in our country. Last night’s  decision leaves the door open for further legal challenges, and we will fight like hell to put an end to Abbott’s dystopian ban and to make sure every Texan can get the healthcare they need. And we will keep fighting every single day to defeat Greg Abbott and oust the Republican leadership that continues to put millions of Texans in danger. The Texas GOP has relinquished any possible claim to governance in this state. And next November, when we go to the polls, we will make that crystal clear.”