Texas Democrats Officially Endorse Deborah Peoples for Fort Worth Mayor

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, the Texas Democratic Party is officially announcing its endorsement of Deborah Peoples for Fort Worth mayor, ahead of the June 5 runoff election for the city’s next executive.

Deborah Peoples is a time-tested leader with more than 30 years of executive experience. As mayor of Fort Worth, she will use her experience as a seasoned executive to lead Fort Worth out of crisis, make sure all Fort Worth residents can share in the benefits of the city’s growth, and tackle major local issues for communities in Fort Worth — from fixing our broken criminal justice system to caring for our seniors. If elected, Deborah Peoples will make history as the first Black mayor of Fort Worth — making Fort Worth the largest city in the South run by a Black woman.

In contrast to Deborah Peoples’ impressive executive background and her commitment to building a united Fort Worth, her Abbott-endorsed opponent is all but guaranteed to give Texas’ disgraced governor a direct hand in running the city. Gov. Greg Abbott’s track record is one of consistent failures — from refusing to take the pandemic seriously, to abandoning Texans during the winter storm. Municipal leaders have fought for years to buffer their cities from Abbott’s catastrophic failures in leadership. However, Abbott’s handpicked candidate promises to do the opposite — allowing Abbott free rein to run Fort Worth into the ground as he has done across the rest of the state.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“I’m delighted to announce the Texas Democratic Party’s official endorsement of Deborah Peoples for mayor of Fort Worth. Deborah is a gifted executive and a time-tested leader who, as Chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, built broad support and county-wide energy to historically flip Tarrant County blue at the presidential level for the first time since President Lyndon B. Johnson. More than that, she is a person of vision, compassion, and integrity, who will fight every day to build a stronger, more united city for all Fort Worth residents.

“The contrast could not be starker with Deborah’s opponent. Mattie Parker has already promised to be Greg Abbott’s puppet, and given Abbott’s track record of abandoning our state in times of crisis, the results would be disastrous for Fort Worth. The choice between a proven leader like Deborah and her inexperienced, rightwing opponent shows why local elections make such a big difference in Texas’ future. I encourage Fort Worth voters to go to the polls and make their voices heard loud on Saturday.”

Fort Worth Mayor Candidate Deborah Peoples issued the following statement:

“I am grateful to have the support of Chair Hinojosa in standing up to Governor Abbott’s assault on our voting rights and defeating his hand-picked candidate. As mayor, I won’t let Governor Abbott’s extremism into our city — I’ll use my 30 years of business experience to help all our neighborhoods prosper and unite us into One Fort Worth.”