Texas Democrats on Commencement of Hispanic Heritage Month

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement at the commencement of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States:

“As Hispanic Heritage Month begins, it is a time to reflect on the immense contributions and the rich cultural and historical legacy that we share.

“It is a reminder of the long and important history Hispanics have in this country and across the Americas. From the founding of advanced indigenous civilizations to the first European settlements of this continent, including our own state of Tejas, Hispanics have taken the knowledge and wisdom of their indigenous, African and European ancestors and contributed tremendously to a more inclusive and equal nation.

“From the movie screen to the halls of Congress, Hispanics are in every industry and every community across the United States. Our contributions go beyond food, culture, and music, they also include achievements in politics, medical breakthroughs, technological advancements and valiant service in our military.

“Thanks to the many contributions of Hispanics in this country, we have color T.V., stethoscopes, X-rays, neonatal artificial bubbles, oral and implanted forms of birth control, bandages that deliver medicine, the ballpoint pen, cell phone SIM cards, and much more-even the number zero.

“For generations, we have bravely fought to defend our country, earning countless medals of military honor and passing down the tradition of service and love of our country to future generations.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder that Hispanic/Latino heritage is American heritage and this month-long celebration provides us with an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to our Veterans, Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders, migrants and to all those who have come before us.

“Take time to give thanks. There is so much to celebrate.”

“¡Viva Tejas! ¡Que viva los Estados Unidos!”