Texas Democrats on Fortifying DACA

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement regarding the new rule proposal set forth by the Biden-Harris Administration to preserve and fortify the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program:

“The Biden-Harris Administration has proposed a new rule to protect DACA recipients while also fortifying the program that has benefited more than 825,000 people in this country since it was first enacted by the Obama-Biden Administration in 2012.

“We have seen several GOP attempts to undo DACA, and shamefully, Texas Republicans like the indicted Ken Paxton have consistently sought to throw this vital program into jeopardy. From disgraced former president Trump to a recent ruling by a federal judge in Houston declaring the program was illegal, it is clear that the program is vulnerable to legal challenges and that Republicans will stop at nothing to undo the promise we have made to our DACA recipients.

“While there can be no new enrollments into the program pending federal litigation of the program, the Biden Administration has issued a notice of a new proposed rule to DACA that has a 60-day public comment period, starting today, before issuing a final ruling. The new rule proposal is meant to preserve the program and fortify it against any new legal battles and even future administrations that may want to undo it.

“Just as President Obama took trailblazing steps nearly one decade ago to protect hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, President Biden is doing all he can to keep our nation’s promise for so many people across the country. But he cannot do it alone.

“Congress must do the right thing and immediately act to pass legislation that protects Dreamers and expands a path to citizenship for so many who are core members of our communities, yet have been forced to live in the shadows for nearly their entire lives.

“The recent ruling by the Senate parliamentarian must be taken only as a setback and not an excuse to not pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes permanent legal status for Dreamers and immigrants who call the United States home.

“We must make good on our promises and the opportunity to act has never been more clear than now. Texas is home to 100,000 young people with DACA. To our Texas Dreamers: you are here to stay, and we will never stop fighting alongside you.”