Texas Democrats on Historic Meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement after a delegation of Democratic lawmakers met with Vice President Kamala Harris today:

“It is an honor to see our state Democratic leaders meet with Vice President Kamala Harris today to discuss preserving, protecting, and expanding voting rights in Texas. Just a few weeks ago, our Democratic state representatives showed the country what courage and leadership look like as they broke quorum to stop the worst assault on voting rights in the state since Jim Crow. What Republicans have attempted in Texas is the prime example of why we need federal legislation protecting voting rights and our democracy, and we are thrilled that our legislators were able to meet with the Vice President and national leaders this week in D.C. to discuss how urgent the need is for federal legislation like the For the People Act.

“Our fight is not over. Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans continue to push the passage of legislation that restricts our access and ability to vote in free and fair elections across the state. Texas cannot afford to wait much longer for federal action: the Governor has threatened to call legislators back to Austin to push his extreme, anti-democracy agenda.

“Democrats will continue to fight for the voice of all Texans. We are grateful to President Biden and Vice President Harris for their unwavering support for the people of Texas, and for their willingness to do the work to protect the right to vote across our country.”