Texas Democrats on the RNC’s New Hispanic Engagement Office in McAllen

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement regarding the opening of the RNC’s Hispanic Engagement Office in McAllen:

“This is a moment of great irony. The very same Republicans who have spent decades attempting to stop a Hispanic majority in the state, who have attempted to pass laws making English the official language of this state and country, who have prevented Hispanics from voting both historically and most recently with their passage of the largest anti-voter legislation since Jim Crow, and who have now taken away the right for women to choose when and if they want to reproduce, are now opening ‘engagement offices’ in Hispanic-dominant areas of Texas and attempting to court people to vote against their own self-interests. That’s either brave or just plain dumb.

“Don’t be fooled: This RNC Hispanic Engagement Office is an attempt to camouflage the GOP’s racist, exclusive and anti-Hispanic doctrine and confuse the very people who have been hurt most by Republican legislation. The RNC is trying to confuse residents by muddying the distinction between Republicans and Democrats. And yet, the differences are what makes Democrats the party of family values, prosperity and human rights, and the Republicans the party of hate groups and violent government insurrectionists.

“There couldn’t be a clearer distinction. Democrats are the party in South Texas — indistinguishable from the common people and customs. Democrats share the same morals, values and patriotism that so many families do in South Texas. We work to defend human rights and increase the quality of life of everyday Texans. Our Democratic leaders, staff and volunteers are Hispanic South Texans, so the idea of a ‘separate but equal’ Hispanic Engagement Office’ in the very places we live and work misses the point of real community engagement.

“Lastly, all residents in South Texas should seriously ask themselves: where were Republicans in decades before? We must ask if the Republicans would be opening national offices on the border if their majority white electorate wasn’t shrinking and soon to be the minority in the state. I believe we all already know the answer.