Texas Democrats On the Treatment of Migrants in Del Rio

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa has issued a statement regarding the treatment of Haitian migrants at the Del Rio Port of Entry:

“The Biden Administration is taking urgent humanitarian action to deal with an influx of Haitian migrants at the southern border in Del Rio, Texas. The Administration is working with the Department of Homeland Security and is taking an all-of-government approach to deal with this influx.

“We have seen horrifying images of horse-mounted border enforcement agents using horse reins to whip migrants on the shores of the Rio Grande. This response to migrants is unacceptable. The mistreatment of migrants at the border or in custody is something that we as Democrats profoundly condemn and the Biden Administration takes these allegations very seriously and has directed an investigation into these actions.

“As Americans, we must remember that migrants deserve safety and dignity above all else. Migration has been the story of human civilization and has been the foundation of the development of the United States of America.

“At every turn, Republicans run to their racist and military complex talking points as soon as people of color legally ask for help at our door.  The increase of violent conflicts, natural disasters caused by climate change, humanitarian crises, political instability, and unmet needs in international labor markets means that our approach to immigration cannot simply be to build a wall and vilify people in desperate need.

“However, unsurprisingly, disgraced Gov. Greg Abbott was back at the border today — stoking fear, scapegoating immigrants, and using a tragic humanitarian crisis for his own political gain ahead of a contested GOP primary. Republicans refuse to recognize the real human suffering behind the political rhetoric and that it will not dissipate behind a wall. Creating a narrative that inspires xenophobic behavior is just another tactic by Gov. Abbott and other Republican politicians to deflect from the real issues plaguing many who need our help throughout the world.

“Under President Biden’s leadership, the U.S. is once again working with countries across the globe to improve the conditions that would have people migrate to the United States and also ensure the safe, orderly and regular migration through formal processes.

“The Biden Administration is committed to developing safe, orderly and humane pathways to migration. However, DHS has repeatedly emphasized that irregular and illegal migration is not only dangerous for those who risk it but that it will not be tolerated by this Administration and we must also consider the pressure this puts on our border communities.

“The White House has directed federal agencies to work with the Haitian government and other governments in Latin America to provide the assistance and support these migrants need when they are returned.

“Don’t let Gov. Abbott and other conservatives lie to you. Our federal government is acting responsibly and appropriately to the situation at the border. As Americans, we must view these situations not as threats to the United States, but for what they truly are: global migrations caused by conditions that can be solved by working with countries to promote sustainable development, tackle the threat of climate change, provide urgent humanitarian assistance when needed and counter xenophobia.”