Texas Democrats stand with allies to defend Texans’ reproductive rights from Republican attacks

AUSTIN, Texas — In an ongoing race to the bottom, Texas Republicans held a set of State Senate hearings on anti-abortion legislation yesterday — spending precious legislative time trying to claw back Texans’ right to reproductive health care instead of helping Texans recover from the winter storm or beat back the coronavirus crisis.

For decades, Texas Republicans have created medically unnecessary barriers to abortion access. Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blocked Medicaid expansion, left Texans to die throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, abandoned fellow Texans during the winter storm crisis, and have allowed one of the highest Black maternal mortality rates in the country to go unchecked. Instead of taking action to combat any of these crises facing Texans, state Republican lawmakers have focused their energy on making abortion virtually inaccessible for Texans, pushing crucial care out of reach for people who need it.

Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair Dr. Carla Brailey issued the following statement:

“As if Texans weren’t already facing far too many challenges, Texas Republicans are making life even harder for our communities by pushing forward anti-abortion legislation. From mismanaging the pandemic, to abandoning Texans in the winter storm crisis, to gutting all COVID-19 protections in the state, to stoking anti-immigrant hatred, the Texas GOP has a clear pattern of harming Texans rather than protecting them or providing relief. As if that weren’t shameful enough, they then try to distract from their own failures with actions that harm Texans even further.

“This week’s attacks on Texans’ reproductive rights are more of the same. Instead of prioritizing the health and safety of Texans, Abbott, Patrick, and the rest of the Texas GOP are making it harder for Texans to access abortion. Texans deserve better.

“Every person has the right to make decisions concerning their own body. Abortion is health care. You can be sure that alongside our allies, Texas Democrats will fight tooth and nail to defend Texans’ right to reproductive health care. We are not going back.”