Texas Democrats’ Statement on SCOTUS Abortion Update

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Co-Executive Director Jamarr Brown issued the following statement on SCOTUS decision to allow abortion providers to continue challenging Abbott’s abortion ban:

“101 days after Greg Abbott’s dystopian abortion ban took effect, Texas Democrats welcome the decision by SCOTUS to allow abortion providers to continue suing to defend Texans’ abortion rights. While this is a step in the right decision, we’re disappointed that our nation’s highest court has allowed the ban to remain in effect. Each day that SCOTUS denies Texans the right to an abortion is a day that justice is denied. Today’s halfway decision is a reminder that the far-right majority of the court is not on the side of the people nor on the right side of history. Congress must take immediate action and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.

“We continue to applaud abortion rights advocates that have fought like hell against this catastrophic breach on this well established constitutional right. Let’s be frank — S.B. 8 is robbing millions of people their right to healthcare, and stripping people of their freedom to make their most intimate, important decisions for themselves. Abbott’s abortion ban is part and parcel of his campaign of attacks on Texans — from our voting rights, to our health and safety — in an effort to pander to far-right voters ahead of a tough primary.

“Texans deserve better than a governor who throws us, and our rights, under the bus for his own political gain. Texas Democrats will always stand with abortion advocates and with the millions of Texans fighting for their rights today. While today’s decision is encouraging, we’ve seen far too many times this year that Americans can no longer rely on the Supreme Court to defend Roe v. Wade. Texas Democrats are calling on Congress to urgently pass legislation codifying abortion rights, so that Americans’ access to this basic health right is fully protected, once and for all. The rights of millions of Texans depend on it.”