Texas Democrats’ Statement on the Results of the HD 10 Election

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on the results of the Texas House District 10 Election:

“I congratulate Pierina Otiniano on a hard-fought campaign for the House District 10 seat in our Texas legislature, and her commitment to making a difference for folks across Ellis and Henderson counties. While we didn’t make it over the line last night, I am grateful for the hard work of our incredible candidate, and the many Democrats who came out to support her — not only today, but throughout this campaign.

“This election is another reminder of what’s at stake in Texas today and why it’s important to support candidates who truly represent us and align with our democratic values.  All year long, we’ve watched Republican legislators launch attack after attack on Texans and consistently sell us out for their own gain — from our voting rights to our healthcare. In response, Democrats are fighting harder than ever to build power and take back our future.  We are united in this movement to win back our democracy and protect our freedom from those who would prefer we remain silent.  The way to win this fight is through continued activism and by each and everyone of us remaining steadfast in our mission. Whether it’s registering voters or organizing in every county and community in the state, Texas Democrats will continue laying the groundwork for a better Texas — and fighting to bring Texans the strong Democratic leadership they deserve.”