Texas Democrats’ Statement on the Tragic Mass Shooting in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement on the tragic mass shooting in Northwest Austin:

“I am heartbroken and infuriated to learn that a mass shooting has claimed more Texas lives in Austin today. My heart goes out to everyone grieving a loved one, and everyone affected by these horrific events. As first responders continue to respond to the situation, I urge everyone to exercise caution and follow guidelines from our Austin officials.

“It’s incredibly painful to watch Texans grapple with yet another tragic mass shooting, this time in our state’s capital. Right now, people here in Austin and across our country are grieving loved ones lost to gun violence — because despite decades of tragedy and loss at the hands of gun violence, Republican politicians have refused to act and put an end to this epidemic. That is an outrage. Our families deserve better.

“In the last month, our country has gone through a major mass shooting every week, from Atlanta, to Boulder, to Bryan, Texas, to Indianapolis, and now Austin. This is not normal. No family should be going through this grief. Yet instead of taking action to finally end this shameful pattern, Republicans are opening the door to more violence, more grief, and more pain for our communities.

“Today’s tragedy in Austin comes just two days after Republicans in the Texas House pushed forward legislation allowing people to carry handguns without a license. The bill would eliminate all common-sense gun safety training requirements other than a basic background check — which is not even required for guns purchased from private sellers. This is a massive step in the wrong direction, and the pain our Austin community is going through today is a testament to that. We should be strengthening our gun safety laws and keeping Texans safe — not stripping protections and clearing a path for more tragedies.

“My heart is with the victims of today’s senseless attack, and all those affected by these events. Tragedies like this will continue to leave Texas families grieving until Republican lawmakers stop playing political games and start prioritizing our families, our pain, and our future. We demand meaningful action now to end gun violence. Texas families can’t wait any longer.