Texas Democrats’ Statement on Vice President’s Visit to El Paso

AUSTIN, TexasTexas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement thanking Vice President Kamala Harris for her visit to the Texas border in El Paso today:

“We are both honored and grateful to have Vice President Harris visiting the border in El Paso today. The vice president has taken a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of migration from Central America and is leading in the Administration’s efforts to protect the rights of asylum seekers, keep our nation secure, and advance immigration justice.

“It is imperative that the Vice President sees for herself the conditions in which refugees are being housed and processed along the border. Many times the discussion is only about the border with Mexico, but the causes of mass migration are far more complicated and encompass many countries, political and economic systems. Real leaders like President Biden and Vice President Harris understand they must engage issues from many different angles — which is why no one can take Gov. Abbott and Donald Trump’s racist GoFundMe border security plan seriously.

“While the Biden Administration is advancing sweeping reforms to our nation’s immigration and human rights policies, there are still lingering effects from four very dark years in which the former Trump administration intentionally separated children and parents in order to discourage anyone from asking for asylum in the United States. Tragically, some of those kids still have not been reunited with their parents after years of forced separation. The Trump administration’s forced seizure of private land to build the wall has also affected countless families, communities and cities across the southern Texas border and has had environmentally disastrous consequences in the areas where construction has begun.

“As the leaders of the free world, President Biden and Vice President Harris are working to once again restore order, honor and integrity to our immigration system and homeland security.”