Texas House Democrats Sustain Unified Front in Fight to Protect Democracy 

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democratic legislators have denied Greg Abbott the quorum he needs to pass his voter suppression legislation — holding the line for the third time. Failed and flailing Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest attempt to mandate Texas Democratic lawmakers return to Austin, is a threat to democracy, and it signals his commitment to force policy that undermines the constitutional rights of our citizens.  If these laws are passed, they would deny Black and Brown Texans, elderly people, disabled, and young people a fair election process and significantly hinder their ability to vote in future elections.

Since the beginning of the spring legislative session, Abbott has pursued policies that strip citizens of their basic rights and has put Texans in danger — from attempting to ban lifesaving gender-affirming health care for kids, to trying to gut Texans’ constitutional right to vote.

This summer, Texas Democrats blocked Abbott’s attacks by a legitimate legislative maneuver — twice.  Democrats are not giving in to this bullying and are committed to fighting for what is right and just.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas Democrats will continue to stand up and fight back with everything we’ve got against Abbott.  We will speak out to protect the voting rights of all Americans and legislators will not be forced to abandon their oath to uphold the Constitutional rights of our Texas citizens. Our legislators have successfully fended off Abbott’s attacks and threats twice, and have put our struggle to protect voting rights in the national spotlight. We continue to call on Congress to put meaningful voting rights protections into federal law — because Republican politicians are not slowing down in their attacks. Here in Texas, we will be working every single day from now until November 2022 to defeat Greg Abbott and get Texans the strong Democratic leadership they deserve.”