The Latest In Republican Land-Grabs: Abbott Plays Sidekick with Trump on the Texas-Mexico Border

AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump are continuing the “big lie” on the Texas-Mexico border today as they advertise a crowdfund to continue Trump’s failed campaign promise of a border wall that he said Mexico would pay for.

The Texas Tribune reported earlier this month that, “Abbott’s plan to crowdfund the border wall’s construction is reminiscent of We Build The Wall, a private fundraising effort that raised more than $25 million for construction of a border wall. Last year, four people involved in We Build The Wall — including Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser — were charged with allegedly defrauding donors to the effort. Trump pardoned Bannon before leaving office in January.”

Trump and Abbott want Texans, specifically border residents, to foot the bill for their political campaigns by supplying the land, money, and resources to pay for the border wall.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texans have a very long and special connection to their land and the fact that the governor of Texas is playing sidekick for a failed president — and the instigator of an organized coup against Congress — in the continued theft of their property is unconscionable. Greg Abbott has brought shame upon our state and we need no further proof to see that he is using his position for pure political benefit.

“Stop playing politics, Governor, and do your job — fix the damn grid!”