Throwback Thursday: Another One Bites The Dust As GOP Implosion Continues

AUSTIN, Texas — The GOP continues to implode as infighting further fractures an already-splintering party. Wednesday’s ousting of Rep. Liz Cheney — the third highest-ranking Republican representative — as the House Republican conference chair is the latest in the GOP’s downward spiral. Republicans are racing even further to the right in a contest for Trump’s base and sacrificing their own under the litmus test of loyalty to the former president who incited an insurrection at the Capitol.

While Rep. Cheney’s experience signals a new level of internal discord at the national level, Texas Republicans are fighting their fair share of internecine battles. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, follow along with the drama as we highlight the many high-profile Texas Republicans who have attacked each other in recent weeks.

Disgraced Gov. Greg Abbott is now facing challenges from Republicans even further to the right in the 2022 governor’s race, including from former state senator Don Huffines and potentially Texas GOP Chair Allen West. Even indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also recently went on record to say he does not support Abbott, and the flailing AG is facing heat of his own from George P. Bush. Meanwhile, adding to the drama, the state Republican party went out of its way to attack state legislators last week — for not being radical enough, even after the “most conservative 48 hours in Texas legislative history.” Republicans’ mounting extremism and squabbling over Trump’s base has the party weaker and more divided than ever.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“While Rep. Cheney’s ousting made national headlines this week, Texas Republicans are way ahead of their national party when it comes to infighting and bringing themselves to the brink of implosion. With extreme-right Texas GOP Chair Allen West attacking Republican legislators, Ken Paxton attacking Greg Abbott and facing heat from George P. Bush, and Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick both being challenged from the right, today’s Texas Republican Party is somewhere between soap opera and bloodbath.

“Unfortunately, as Texas Republicans compete to out-extreme each other, Texans are the ones suffering the consequences. Republicans are passing more and more extreme, harmful legislation — from nakedly racist attacks on voting rights, to barefaced attempts to ban abortion outright — while ignoring the major issues Texans are dealing with. Democrats are more united than ever in the fight to stop Republicans from destroying our state — and President Biden continues to deliver on tackling our most pressing challenges, from putting relief money in families’ pockets, to successfully executing the biggest vaccination campaign in history. We will keep standing up against Republicans’ extremist bills, and keep fighting to put Texans first.”