Throwback Thursday: Indicted Ken Paxton Withholds ERCOT Records In Yet Another Attempt to Hide Truth From Texans

AUSTIN, Texas — Earlier this week, indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced he is refusing to release records of ERCOT’s communications during February’s winter storm — including emails, texts, and phone call records between officials.

Texas is already reeling from last month’s news that the real death count from the storm is nearly four times the previous official number, with more than 700 lives lost during the crisis. Those deaths were preventable. However, instead of doing their jobs and keeping Texans safe, Republican officials — including failed Gov. Greg Abbott and Paxton himself — watched on, did nothing, and allowed Texans to die. Now, Paxton is keeping Texans from finding out exactly what happened that led to this catastrophe — and exactly how the decisions that caused the disaster were made. This is a coverup.

However, this despicable decision is far from the first of its type, from an Attorney General who has basically written the book on coverups, deceptive practices, withholding information, and juggling being an elected official with being under indictment for fraud. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we would like to remind reporters that the dangerous, disgraced Ken Paxton:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas Republicans like Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton did nothing to protect us from February’s winter storm, and because of their failures, more than 700 people are dead. Now, Paxton is withholding records of conversations between ERCOT officials during the storm.

“Paxton is trying to hide the truth from Texans, but we already know that the blame for this disaster lies squarely with Texas Republicans. Abbott and Paxton had a whole week’s warning to prepare for this storm and save lives. Instead, they did nothing. Texas Republican politicians do not care about Texans. They made that abundantly clear when they abandoned us during the winter storm, and even clearer when they wasted the entire spring legislative session without fixing the grid. Texas deserves leaders, but as long as Republicans are in power, we will be stuck fending for ourselves. Democrats are organizing in every corner of the state to defeat Abbott and Paxton in 2022, and finally deliver the strong leadership Texans deserve.”