Throwback Thursday: On Canada Day, A Spotlight On Texas’ Worst Canadian

AUSTIN, Texas — Happy Canada Day, y’all! Today, while we celebrate our neighbors to the north, Texans continue to lament being saddled with one of Canada’s least illustrious sons: the notoriously unpopular Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Yet as we learned earlier this year, there’s no chance Cruz could hack it in the land of the maple leaf — the man can’t take the cold. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re taking a look back at when Ted Cruz skipped town to Cancun during February’s winter storm — abandoning both his family dog and millions of his constituents in the cold and dark.

Though our senator may be laughable, the consequences of his actions are no joke. More than 700 Texans died during February’s crisis, because Republicans like Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott refused to do their jobs — despite having ample time to get Texans prepared and avert disaster. It was on Ted Cruz’s recommendation that Abbott refused to see sense and instead sought advice from a fringe, climate-denying, Fox News meteorologist in the leadup to the storm. Months later, Republicans have still done nothing to fix our rickety, aging, disaster-prone grid — all but guaranteeing that a similar catastrophe will strike again.

The real question is, when the summer’s high electricity demands bring further power outages, where will Cruz vacation next? Canada, we love you, but please, send us someone better next time.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“When disaster struck our state in February, Texas Republican leaders were nowhere to be found. Ted Cruz literally hopped on a plane to Cancun. Greg Abbott had a week’s worth of warning about the possibility of outages, but instead of helping Texans get prepared, he left us to fend for ourselves. And months later, Republicans have still done nothing to fix our power grid and make sure a disaster like this doesn’t happen again.

“Abbott, Cruz, Paxton, and Patrick consistently refuse to do their jobs — and Texans have died because of it. From medical workers to folks in oil and gas, working Texans uphold rigorous safety standards in their jobs — but somehow, our Republican leaders can’t be expected to do the same. If our governor can’t do the bare minimum to keep Texans safe, he doesn’t deserve to stay in power. We won’t forget.”