Throwback Thursday, the Week in Review: Major Recovery Milestones Thanks to Biden, While Abbott Hits Cartoon-Villain Levels of Harm

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas’ last week looks like a basic compare and contrast exercise, as the state hit key new recovery metrics thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress, but faced serious new obstacles and public safety threats because of disgraced Gov. Greg Abbott’s refusal to do his job and serve Texans. This week’s Throwback Thursday is a quick week in review — both ups and downs. Without further ado:

In the last week, Texas hit several major pandemic recovery milestones — from vaccinations to the economy — thanks squarely to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which has enabled an aggressive nationwide vaccination campaign and brought much-needed financial relief to families. On May 16, for the first time in over a year, the state recorded a day without a single COVID death. Large counties like Travis and Harris counties have rolled back some pandemic restrictions as the state continues to round the corner, and 12 to 15-year-olds in Texas are getting their first shot after the CDC opened COVID vaccinations to that age group. With increased vaccinations and reduced restrictions, Texas’ economy is also on the rebound, with reports of nearly 100,000 jobs added in March.

Meanwhile, despite this progress, Greg Abbott was back to his usual work: making life harder for Texans. In the last week, our failed Texas governor:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Greg Abbott has outdone himself again by managing to pack so many terrible policies into one week. Between banning schools from maintaining safety measures and stopping Texans from getting federal unemployment support, Abbott continues to make it harder for struggling Texans to stay safe and get by during this pandemic.

“If Greg Abbott cared about Texans, he would stop playing politics with our lives and start addressing the issues we’re dealing with, from pandemic recovery to continued fallout from the winter storm. Instead, he’s making it harder for families to pay the rent, harder for teachers and students to protect their health and safety, and harder for Texans to get the health care they need. That’s the opposite of leadership, and we are looking forward to seeing this failed governor leave office in 2022.”