Throwback Thursday: With Another International Day of Democracy Come and Gone, Here Are Just A Few Ways The GOP Undermined Democracy This Year

AUSTIN, Texas — Yesterday, people around the world came together to celebrate International Day of Democracy. Except Republicans, who do not appear to give a hoot whether American democracy succeeds or fails. For this week’s throwback Thursday, we would simply like to remind folks of the following ways the Republican Party undermined our democracy this year. This list is not exhaustive:

  • Republicans (including but in no way limited to Texas’ joke-of-a-Senator Ted Cruz) refused to accept the results of the most secure election in our nation’s history, and deliberately sowed doubt among the American people.
  • Republicans, including multiple Texas state lawmakers and Texas’ own indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton, actively incited the January 6 domestic terror attack on our nation’s Capitol, leading to the deaths of multiple Americans, including an officer of the peace.
  • Republicans in state legislatures from Texas to Georgia and almost everywhere in between took a hatchet to voting rights, chipping away at the ability of people of color, voters with disabilities, and working Americans to exercise their constitutional rights and participate in the democratic process.
  • Republicans allowed donors, rather than voters, to decide their policies; Gov. Greg Abbott accepted a million dollar check from an energy tycoon in exchange for ignoring the single issue on which Texas voters are most united — fixing the grid.
  • Republicans are seeking to use the redistricting process as yet another opportunity to dilute Texans’ voices — by using gerrymandering to choose their voters, rather than letting voters choose their representatives.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The promise of our country depends on one thing: the ability of the people to make their voices heard in shaping their own future — also known as democracy. The opposite of that is dictatorship. However, today, there is one party that stands for democracy, and it’s not the GOP.

“Republicans have consistently, deliberately attacked our democracy in almost every way imaginable this year — from encouraging an armed uprising at the U.S. Capitol meant to overturn the will of the people, to trying to simply strip away Americans’ ability to exercise their constitutional right to vote. And here’s why: because Republicans are losing. Their anti-Texan, anti-worker, anti-American policies have made them so unpopular that they’re terrified of being voted out — so they’re trying to cheat their way to staying in power by stopping us from voting.

“However, it’s not going to work. Democrats are united like never before in our effort to protect our freedom to vote — including through our U.S. Senators’ important new legislation, the Freedom to Vote Act. We will never stop standing up for Americans’ right to have their say at the ballot box, and defending our democracy — because every voter deserves to make their voice heard.”