Tony Fusco for Hays County Court at Law #3

Tony Fusco is a Hays County criminal defense attorney, a municipal judge in a neighboring county, and is running for judge of Hays County Court at Law #3. Tony has worked his entire legal career within the confines of Hays County, after moving to San Marcos almost thirty years ago.

Tony was raised in Houston along with his two siblings, by a single mother, who worked tirelessly to provide them the best life possible. In the fall of 1992, Tony moved himself and his mother to San Marcos from Houston, to start a new life. After working for a local engineering firm for several years, Tony enrolled in college in 1995. Tony obtained his EMT license and worked as a surgical technician at Central Texas Medical Center, while caring for his mother and attending college. Tony would later graduate magna cum laude from UT – Austin and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa his senior year. Tony was the first person in his family to graduate from college.

After being awarded his undergraduate degree, Tony enrolled at the University of Texas School of Law. During his time there, Tony worked with the UT Law Criminal Defense Clinic and worked on the American Journal of Criminal Law as a manuscript and articles editor. Tony interned with the Hays County District Attorney’s Office while in law school. Tony would later begin working with the law firm of Sergi & Associates, where he continues to work to this day.

In addition to his position as senior associate at a private firm, Tony has worked part-time as a presiding municipal judge in Caldwell County, since 2013. This job has provided Tony the opportunity to view things from “the other side of the bench,” and to instill in him a judicial perspective one does not usually acquire from the ordinary practice of law.

During Tony’s career, he has gained experience in a variety of areas. Despite criminal law being his focus, Tony has experience in civil litigation, including bankruptcy, contract work, and civil rights actions. Tony has worked on everything from misdemeanor and felonies at the local level, to criminal and civil appeals in state and federal court.

Tony is the first openly gay candidate to seek judicial office in Hays County. Tony, and his long-time partner Robert, were finally able to wed after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell in 2015. In addition to the many hobbies they share, Tony is an avid diver and motorcyclist. Tony has a strong sense of justice and equality; guiding principles that have driven him throughout his entire life and are present in equal measure in his personal and professional life.

Tony will bring a unique perspective to the bench, and one that Hays County desperately needs in order to fully embrace the changes and diversity of the rapidly growing county we all call home. Tony has lived and worked in Hays County for nearly three decades. While living in San Marcos, Tony has worked as a bartender, an instrument operator on a survey crew, a surgical technician, an attorney, and a municipal court judge.

Tony believes himself to be blessed and very fortunate to have had the opportunities he has had in life. This belief and his philosophy that everyone deserves a chance to be their very best, and that we all are equal under the law, is the very foundation of who he is as an attorney, as a judge, and more fundamentally, as a person.

For more information, click on the following link to see Tony speaking at the recent Face To Face Voter Education Project Forum in San Marcos.


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