Transforming Families’ Economic Security: Press Conference Marking First Day of CTC Payments to Millions

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July 15, 2021

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Transforming Families’ Economic Security: Press Conference Marking First Day of CTC Payments to Millions

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) joined Foundation Communities, Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes, and Austin parent and recent Texas State graduate Cristina Guajardo to mark the first day of Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments. They explained who can expect payments automatically and how much is coming—as well as how parents who do not normally file a tax return can ensure they do not miss out on these important payments and get free, bilingual help from Foundation Communities. The video of this press conference is available here. Rep. Doggett has published an FAQ webpage for families’ questions, available in both English and Spanish here.

“Help is here. When millions of parents look at their bank account tonight, they should see new credits that can go toward childcare, back-to-school supplies, and toward a little peace of mind during this period of transition and recovery,” said Congressman Doggett. “As we celebrate that, and work to make this landmark policy permanent, we also are here to ensure that the folks who may need this payment the most don’t miss out. This credit holds great promise to transform economic security for American families. It has been called ‘Social Security for Children’—in the same way, this is designed to provide security for children and solidify families’ attempts to get out of poverty. So let’s redouble our efforts to get our non-filer neighbors signed up, and let’s spread the word about the transformative impact that these payments can have for the next generation, our nation’s future.”

“I am hopeful that this new Child Tax Credit will not only cut child poverty in half but also foster a positive wellbeing for our youth,” said Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes, who joined the group today and who is partnering with Rep. Doggett in this outreach effort. “The city’s income segregation trends clearly reflect the reality that many individuals are experiencing and lawmakers have taken notice. Not only this, access to benefits such as healthcare and education are more difficult to obtain for children from economically disadvantaged families. I want to thank Congressman Doggett for his work to secure this financial stability for America’s underserved communities. It’s thanks to Congressman Doggett’s work and that of other leaders who are fighting every day to make child poverty a thing of the past—I thank [him] for [his] leadership.”

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“One of the phrases we heard a lot throughout the pandemic is: ‘We are all in this together,’” said Austin mother and recent graduate, Cristina Guajardo. “While that did create a sense of unity, it didn’t apply to everyone, because everyone was affected to different degrees. For my son and I, it was a very difficult time. I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic and our childcare center closed—while my school continued. Thankfully, we made it through, and I graduated this May from Texas State. Now, as I look at new career opportunities, one of my concerns is the high price of day care. Day care is essential and is the bridge that connects us to the outside world; the Child Tax Credit payments will provide me peace of mind in this period of transition, opening up new opportunities in my job search, knowing that I can afford safe and nurturing childcare for my son close to home. I am very grateful to Congressman Doggett for everything he’s doing to create more financial security for so many families like myself. I believe this tax credit helps to make sure that, as the world opens up again, we are truly all able to move forward together.”

“We have very exciting, very powerful information to share about the Child Tax Credit,” said Walter Moreau of Foundation Communities. “There’s an estimate that about 80% of families with children that are lower income in Austin are going to automatically receive this payment. But we also need to get the word out to the 20%; that’s why we’re here at the Prosper Center, we want to help people. They can call the phone number or make an appointment, and we are here to help as a resource for families in Central Texas.”

For the vast majority of American families, these payments will arrive automatically. But some families do need to take action in order access the benefits. Speakers shared how people who do not normally file a tax return (or did not register to receive stimulus checks) can get free help with Foundation Communities (at 737-717-4000 or at an in-person office: foundcom.org/prosper-centers) to file their application for the CTC advance payments.


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