Trevor Newman For Hays County Democratic Party Chair

“Hi y’all, my name is Trevor Newman and I’m asking for your support to become the next Hays County Democratic Chair. I currently serve as the President of College Democrats at Texas State and the Vice President of Robert F. Kennedy Young Leaders at Texas State. Along with those two university positions I also serve on the County Executive Committee, Citizens Elections Advisory Commission, and I am a member of the Complete Count Committee.

Just like many of you I’ve worked and have been vocal in politics for a very long time. Since 2008 I’ve worked with a variety of political campaigns such as President Obama, Wendy Davis, Representative Zwiener, Hillary Clinton, Council Member Dr. Joca Marquez, Mark Rockeymoore, Saul Gonzalez, Maxfield Baker, Robert Rizo, and many more. I’m most proud of my work as the Social Media Manager and Strategist for Cedric Davis’ 2018 gubernatorial campaign. I’ve been across the state elbows deep in politics over the years and it’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I believe our party is strong since we flipped the county from red to blue in 2018 but we can be doing so much better for our party and community. We deserve a County Chair that we can trust to transition our party into a new era.

These would be my top priorities as Hays County Democratic Chair:

  •  Hire a full-time staffer for the County Office to ensure that we are accessible to the community, and productive in our daily activities.
  • Increase training in VDR, ActBlue, VAN, Social Media Outreach, and Google for our Precinct Chairs and Democratic Executive Board.
  • Create more committees within the Democratic Party to better represent the community and their ideals. I would create committees with representatives from the community such as LGBTQIA+, African American, Latino/Hispanic, Disabled, Working Class, Reproductive Rights, Young Democrats, Get Out the Vote, Ethics, and Sign Placement.
  • Having Four Yearly Fundraisers.
  • Heal divisions between Hays County Democratic organizations, and defend them from Republican attacks.
  • Having quarterly Democratic elected official meetings to keep our party together.

To see my full list of my policy positions please visit my Facebook page.