Urgent action needed: Help prevent these bills from becoming law

SB 7 and HB 6 threaten voter rights in Texas

By Glen Maxey
Legislative Director, Texas Democratic Party

Last week was a bad week for voting rights in Texas. This week is slated to be worse. As early as Wednesday, the Senate could vote on SB 7 — the anti-voting bill that would require disabled voters to show a doctor’s note to get a mail ballot, limit early voting hours, let poll watchers video record voters, criminalize our poll workers, and more. Then Thursday morning the House Elections Committee will hear its House companion HB 6.

We need your — and your communities’ — help to prevent these bills from becoming law. We can’t let what’s happening in Georgia happen here in Texas. We have to fight back this week!

3 Ways You Can Help

Contact your Election Administrator or County Clerk. HB 6 and SB 7 put significant limits on — and create new penalties for — our election officials who are stretched too thin or make mistakes. Contact your EA or Clerk and ask them to write the members of the House Elections Committee and voice their opposition to HB 6 before Thursday morning. Those of you in rural areas can be especially helpful here — they need to hear from your election officials! A few reasons they might oppose HB 6 are:

Section 3.08 bars their staff from going to polling places to help address problems or make sure things are running smoothly

Section 4.01 makes it more onerous for people with disabilities to vote with an assistant

Section 5.05 forbids EAs & Clerks from sending VBM applications to voters who are 65+

Section 1 talks about unifying election procedures, rather than letting EAs/Clerks who know their communities run elections in ways that support the community

Spread the Word: Call the Leadership and Voice Your Opposition. (Social media graphics available here.) Texans believe in democracy for everybody — we should all have the right to vote regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or party. HB 6 and SB7 impede everyone’s right to vote. Tell our state leaders you oppose these bills and expect they won’t let them pass! Learn more here. Please call today:

Governor Abbott: (512) 463-1782

Lt. Governor Patrick: (512) 463-5342

Speaker Phelan: (512) 463-1000

Spread the Word: Join Texas Democrats at the Capitol Thursday to Testify Against Voter Suppression. The House Elections Committee will hear public testimony on Thursday, April 1 on HB 6, Republicans’ omnibus anti-voting bill. A large, strong group of us testifying against HB 6 will show the Committee and full House the broad support for voting rights in this state. If you feel comfortable, come to the Capitol Thursday for the House Elections Committee meeting and testify on HB 6, sharing with the Committee why you oppose the legislation — and why they should, too. Let us know you’re coming.

Want more social media content and other talking points against these terrible voting bills? Our full toolkit is available at: txdem.co/hb6-sb7-lege-toolkit

Thank you for all your support and everything you’re doing!