Vote Saturday, May 1, in City and School Board Elections

Fellow Democrats — We have reports that the more conservative areas of Hays County saw VERY HIGH TURNOUT for early voting.
IF WE DON’T DRIVE BLUE TURNOUT, our Hays County cities and school districts will be firmly in the grip of Republican office holders who, sadly, do not share all our values. These elected officials endorse the state Republican Party’s extreme and dangerous views on vaccines, on how to safely operate businesses and our public schools, on how to protect our children, teachers, health care professionals and other essential workers.
The bottom line: You can help stop this from becoming our reality – Saturday, May 1, is election day across Hays County. If you will join us in accepting a critical mission, we can change the course of history and improve the lives of everyone in Hays County.



1. Make certain you vote on Saturday, May 1. You can find voting locations and sample ballots on the Hays County site. While we don’t publicly endorse specific local candidates for office as do the Republicans, there are local Democratic precinct chairs you can contact for recommendations if that would be helpful for you to make a decision.

2. Join one of our Hays County Democratic clubs. You’ll find passionate Democrats who can answer any of your questions. Check out the Kyle/Buda-Area Democrats info on the HCISD board Election and Bond election.

3. Watch the League of Women Voters of Hays County interviews with candidates and find other information about issues on their website.

4. Reach out to your family, friends and neighbors, and ask them to vote in this important election. Results in these local elections can be very tight, so if you can motivate three to five (or more!) of our fellow Hays County residents to vote, it can have enormous impact.

As always, thanks for your efforts and your commitment to making Hays County a great place for all of us to live. We must all remember that when we vote, it’s OUR choice. But when we don’t vote, it’s THEIR choice.