We Need Your Help Fighting Anti-Voting Legislation

Dear CEC members and Democrat community leaders,

I need your urgent attention and action. SB 7 and HB 6 will change voting in the State of Texas as we know it. I’m forwarding you the information from TDP. This is voter suppression legislation that will be heard in both the Senate and the House this week.

Please do the following:

1. Read the information from TDP below.
2. Sign the petition and send out the petition to your volunteers and/or groups.
3. Consider testifying on Thursday, March 25th, with training on Wednesday, March 26th.
4. Flood social media with talking points and negative information about these bills.

The Senate bill is set to be heard tomorrow at 9 a.m. The House bill later in the week.

There is a toolkit here with talking points about this legislation. We need to move on this fast.

Please take urgent action.



County Democratic Party Leaders and SDEC Members —

As you have probably seen in the news and your social media feeds, there are two big voter suppression bills being heard in legislative committees this week:

  • SB7 will be heard in Senate State Affairs on Monday, March 22 as early as 9am
  • HB6 will be heard in House Elections on Thursday, March 25 as early as 8am

As Democrats — and more importantly people who believe in democracy and voting rights — we need to fight back!

The three big things we’re asking folks to do are:

  • Sign the petition to write to their representatives in opposition to these assaults on the right to vote
  • Attend our HB6 briefing and testimony training on Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30pm CT
  • Testify in-person in the House Elections Committee on Thursday, March 25, if they feel comfortable doing so (testimony prep and support will be provided in Wednesday’s briefing)

All of this, and talking points and sample social media posts, can be found in the toolkit we created for you.

Please use this toolkit to help us spread the word and get your community involved in the fight against these bills that would roll back voting rights for all Texans, but put up particular barriers for our disabled community, voters who need assistance casting their ballot, and voters in urban areas.

Texas is already the hardest state in the country to vote in. We cannot let Governor Abbott and the Republicans further infringe on our freedom to vote. Thank you in advance for your help spreading the word and fighting back against these anti-democracy measures.

Rose Clouston
Voter Protection Director
Texas Democratic Party