‘Who Does Abbott Think He Is?’ GOP Writes New Playbook On Government Overreach

AUSTIN, Texas — With Greg Abbott’s stunt on the border today, the so-called party of “small government” is rewriting the playbook on government overreach. The failed and flailing Texas governor is going far beyond the bounds of his jurisdiction in a glaring example of bloated, illegal government overreach, including by:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Who does Abbott think he is? The GOP’s only credible claim to being the party of ‘small government’ is its insistence on abandoning us in times of crisis. For over a year, Abbott has done next to nothing to manage a pandemic that has ravaged Texas communities — especially in South Texas. But now, our failed governor is giving himself sweeping, irregular powers to respond to Donald Trump’s fake emergency. Abbott is trampling on Texans’ rights, spending state taxpayer dollars on a project in federal jurisdiction and without federal approval, and calling in militarized support for an issue that is not a criminal matter. Enough is enough.”