With Biden’s New OSHA Vaccine Requirements, Federal Government Takes Further Step To Protect Texans’ Health and Safety From Greg Abbott

AUSTIN, Texas — Thursday, Texas Democrats celebrated the announcement that as part of President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan, OSHA will develop a rule requiring all employers with 100 or more employees to mandate either vaccines or a weekly negative COVID test. The requirements will directly affect around 100 million Americans — a direct step to keeping nearly a third of our country safe from COVID-19. The 100+ cutoff means the rule will apply to Texas’ state government.

Failed and flailing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been infamously cavalier in his response to COVID-19. His refusal to allow schools to mandate precautions has caused kids to get sick with COVID at skyrocketing rates in recent weeks, and Abbott has faced plummeting approval ratings because of it. The new OSHA rule will go a long way towards combating dangerous policies like these. It also represents the second time today that the federal government has directly stepped in to protect Texans from the harms done by their Republican state government. Thursday afternoon, Texas Democrats welcomed U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s announcement that the Department of Justice will be suing Texas’ state government over Abbott’s illegal abortion ban — another example of the federal government taking action to protect the health, rights, and safety of Texans from the attacks of Abbott and Texas Republicans.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“While Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans continue their all-out war on the health, safety, and rights of working Texans, President Biden continues to intervene to beat back this pandemic and keep people safe. By requiring large employers to mandate vaccines or regular negative tests, our President is taking another major step forward toward protecting Americans from COVID-19 and getting our country back to normal.

“This is a common-sense policy that will go a long way towards keeping Texas workers and communities safe, and move us past this pandemic. After eighteen months, Greg Abbott is still refusing to take the pandemic seriously, and still putting Texans in harm’s way. I’m grateful to our federal government for stepping in. This is yet another reminder to all of us that when our Republican state leaders fail us, the Democrats leading our country step up and put Texans first.”