With New Ossoff Voting Rights Bill, Texas Democrats Are Moving the Dial

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Democrats are celebrating the introduction of the Right to Vote Act, Senator Jon Ossoff’s newly proposed bill — an important step forward as Texas Democrats continue to move the dial in the national fight for voting rights.

Texas Democratic state lawmakers are in their fourth week in D.C., where they continue to make their stand against Texas Republicans’ attacks on voting rights — rallying a massive coalition for federal voting rights protections. With earlier voting rights legislation stalled in Congress, Texas Democrats have continued to push for solutions that meet the urgency of the moment — as voting rights in Texas and across the country are facing an all out assault from Republican state legislatures. The Right to Vote Act is an important new effort to help defend those rights. As a complement to the measures proposed in the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the bill would enshrine the right to vote in federal statute, prevent states from restricting that right without justification, and allow U.S. citizens to challenge in court any policy that makes it harder for them to participate in elections.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Thanks to Texas Democrats, the fight for voting rights has been in the national spotlight all summer long. The Right to Vote Act is further evidence that Democrats are moving the dial in one of the most important civil rights fights of our time: the fight to protect our right to vote. If passed, this bill will make it easier for Americans to fight back against any attack on their voting rights — like the ones emerging from Republican state legislatures all across the country. While this bill is just one piece of the puzzle, this is an important step forward — and a testament to the hard work Texas Democrats have been doing to rally federal legislators to defend voting rights.

“When our Texas Democratic legislators went to D.C. to make their stand earlier this summer, they carried one clear message: we will do whatever it takes to make sure Texas voters are not silenced. As long as Republican politicians keep trying to stop us from voting, Texas Democrats will be there to hold the line. I’m deeply grateful to Senator Ossoff and all the members of our massive coalition for their work to carry this fight forward — and we continue to call on all federal legislators to meet this moment with the urgency it demands. Our vote is our voice. We will not waver in protecting it.”