With Release of Initial Census Data, Republican Incompetence Shorts Texas By A Congressional Seat and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

AUSTIN, Texas — After today’s release of census data showed Texas will gain only two new congressional seats, Democrats are decrying the inadequate representation caused by Republicans’ refusal to do their jobs. Based on the pre-release estimates, Texas was expected to receive three new congressional seats to represent our growing population. However, the incompetence of former President Trump’s administration and the refusal of Governor Abbott to fund campaigns to encourage Texans to complete their Census has resulted in Texas being shortchanged.

Now, as the redistricting process gets under way, Democrats will use every tool available to ensure that Republican gerrymandering doesn’t further dilute Texans’ power.

Texas Democratic Party Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Today’s release of the census data proves what Democrats have been saying for years: our state is becoming more diverse and more progressive. The release of the census data today could have shown an increase of three congressional seats for Texas. However, the mismanagement of the census by the Trump administration and the unwillingness of the Abbott administration to promote census completion in Texas led to a significant undercount, resulting in only 2 additional congressional seats, as well as two more electoral votes for the state.

“Republicans were intentional in their efforts and chose to lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding rather than risk sending one additional Democrat to Congress. Their unwillingness to prioritize Texans is unforgivable.

“The Republican majority in the state legislature will try to gerrymander the population and silence the voices of Texans. This is why Republicans tried so hard to undercount our state, and it’s why they are rushing to pass bills like HB 6 and SB 7 to suppress the votes of the rising Texas electorate.

“Democrats have a message for Greg Abbott and the Republicans who cut Texans out of the census: Texans count. The more Republicans try to shut down our voices, the louder we’ll get. It’s never been more urgent that we elect more Democrats in the State House and Senate and in the Governor’s mansion — leaders who will advocate for Texans instead of silencing them. Our democracy depends on it.”